Movie Shoot from June 5, 2010
My son Robert and I worked together on it.
Title, not sure

Filmed: 12-14-2010 - Approx Air Date: 12-22/29-2010

What a great day! On the set of “Medium” Patricia Arquette is sooooo wonderful!! The episode  is called "Me Without You" 7 13-130 When Patricia screams at the other lawyer saying "Where's Joe?" Look behind her in the jury booth.. I'm directly behind her.. Only 2 feet away

Singing Guest Appearances:

Acting Guest Appearances:

Child Star Entertainment

With Terry Brown on his recording of "Friends"

With Kathy Bee on her recording of "Do The Dream"

“Private Practice”
 Filmed: 3/25,27,29,30-2010
Airing on ABC Network
Thursday, April 29th, 2010 10pm channel 7
I portrayed:  A lady of God – A Nun  A Bad Nun
"I played an Extra Background Actress in 9 various scenes of this segment"
Episode Title: WAR
Look for me :-)


"Kickin' It"'Twas the Crime Before Christmas
Filmed: May 7, 2012
Original Air Date:  ???? (Season 2, Episode 16)

Filmed 12/10/2010  Approx Air Date: 12-22/29-2010

What a FANTASTIC Day! Made some money for Christmas and met some really great people! Shots from on the set of "The Middle". I was 1 of 3 judges. #1: Celebrity Judge Bonnie of Bonnie's BBQ, #2 Janitor Viv #3 Spanish Teacher

Halloween Party Guest Appearance
October 2011
As: Elizabeth Taylor