Photos Left to Right and Moving Down:​

Our First Date

Clowning Around

Our Son Robert

My Father Earl and Step Mother Dorothy

My Mother Lola

Dad Flying

Locke Family Thanksgiving

Locke Sisters (Lorna, Sharyl and Tammy)

Sharyl and Tammy

Dad, Crystal and Aly

Lorna, Aly and Crystal

Keith, Crystal and Family

Jason, Aly and Family

Dominick and Sharyl

Mick, Angela and Braydon

Tommy, Patricia and Family

Rob's God Parents Jerry and Char

DeJong's Kids

Arriola Family

Mike and Lisa

Sharyl, Jimmy and Irene

Dorothy and Tammy

Laura and Ashley

Heather and Bob

Heidi and Digger (Fred)

Maria, Jon and Robert

Victor and Karen

Roger and Carol

Chris and Christina

Jean and George

Luke and Mary

Darcy and Gio

Darcy Donavan

Jeff Sutherland

Marion Ramsey

Mickey Sinardi

Detroit Devils

John Hall, Georgia Haas, Skinny Minnie Gwen Miller

The California Express

The California Express

Dennis Orr

Marty Rifkin

Sam Aiello

Russ Paul

Marty Ingels

Shirley Jones and Marty Ingels

Rodney Allen Rippy

Robert Easton

Paul Peterson

Nikki Hornsby

William and Joann Smith

Rick and Elsie

Lisa and Mike

Chuck and Joann

Carol and Bob

Rose and Chuck

Sunshine and Gregg

Daniel, Haiwei and Danny

Ali and James


Bill and Sharon

Heather and Tiger


​Arriola Family

Family, Close Friends and Celebrity Close Friends