The photos below were taken by Keith & Kevin Schultz in 2010.  They are the photographers of the stars and they also happen to be Big Twin and Little Twin on my TV Western series The Monroes.   If you need photos done by great photographers you will want Keith & Kevin.  

Schultz Bros Photo

2949-A Randolph Ave Costa Mesa, CA 92626
schpho@aol.com (714) 540-6544

These photos were shot by Anthony Mongiello.  He is a fantastic and gifted artist in his profession of photography.  I love these photos very much! January 2011
You definitely want to give him a call if you want great photos taken!!!

Headshots Photographer in Los Angeles, Anthony Mongiello
1311 W. 5th St. Unit 107, Los Angeles, CA (818) 679-1099

More Photos

These photos were again shot by Jay Boivin on October 19, 2014 at Guasti Park. Hair and Makeup was applied by me :-)

These photos were taken by gifted Photographer Mr. Jay Boivin and the Hair and Makeup was applied by Laura Locks.