• That's The Glory by Tammy2:47

  • Walkin After Midnight by Tammy2:46

The songs below are NOT recorded professionally..  I was at home one day and decided to sing karaoke all day long..  So I pushed the record button and forgot to turn it off..  My wonderful sneaky husband Tom took the cassette to a very good friend of ours "Thank You Mr. Daniels"  and took what he thought to be the best songs of the tape and burned them onto a disk for me.  Then that night my husband surprised me.. Many kisses later.. here they are..   Remember since they are not recorded professional you might hear a mistake or two. :-)  Ehhhhhh that's life....

Alittle Trivia.... Check out Mr. Gary Michael Daniels on his website: www.GaryMDaniels.com  He is a wonderful and accomplished musician having toured with such greats as Kool and the Gang, Chaka Khan, the Temptations and the Stylistics. I am honored to know him and his beautiful wife Lorrie and son Jordyn. And I am truly blessed in having him mix this music down from a karaoke cassette to a cd for all of your to hear.  Thank you again Gary!

Songs on this reel are:

"Le Jazz Hot"






  • 3:19
  • 2:33
  • 2:39
  • 2:32
  • 2:00
  • 3:49

  • Crazy by Tammy2:47

Thank you to my good friend Ms. Marion Ramsey for introducing me to music great Mr. Bill Pittman.

Bill recorded me singing these three songs and I love how they came out. The recordings are for people just to hear me sing.

Thank you Bill and Marion.... I LOVE YOU!!!!

These 3 songs ARE professional recordings.