Hi Everyone,  I am dedicating this page to fan's own stories of my series "The Monroes" and how it affected them.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for sharing!  Love Tammy Locke

Cheryl M MorganFebruary 18 at 12:18pm

Hi again. You accepted my friend request a few days ago. I couldn't be more pleased.

I'm sure you are a busy person, but will you allow me to tell you a story?

I mentioned to you in my friend request that The Monroes held a special place in my heart from my childhood. (I am 51 years old now.) I've been told that the Monroes is a forgotten western from the 1960's. But I have a handful of friends from my generation who would wholeheartedly disagree, Tammy.

When The Monroes originally aired, my younger sister and I would anxiously wait for it to come on. We'd wait for the opening credits. Our mom would usually watch with us. She also enjoyed the show. But she'd also tell us we had to do our chores before we could watch The Monroes. (Neat trick,huh?) My sister and I loved the adventure contained in each episode. We had crushes on the Twins. I related to your character, Amy, as Amy and I were the same age. I thought it exciting that Amy got to roam the wilderness with her family.

I even sent my dad on a hunt at all the stores in the area for a Monroes lunch box. He found one. Getting that thing was the best day of my young life.

In my young life, The Monroes ranked up there with I Love Lucy, The Partridge Family, The Brady Bunch...all those old shows.

Well, on February 1rst of this year my mom died after a stay in a nursing home. Months before she died, I would visit her in the nursing home and we would talk mostly about older days. She reminisced about watching The Monroes and asked me if any of those kids were still acting. At the time I told her I didn't know. She especially liked "that little girl on the show." Our reminiscing about the show inspired me to do a Google search. This is how I found you on Facebook. The rest is history.

I miss my mom so much and her passing is still fresh and I often find myself crying in the middle of my day. My close friends tell me this is a natural part of the grieving process.

But Tammy? I wanted to let you know that The Monroes, even though it was only on for one season, was a great part of my childhood. I wonder how many troubled child stars from my era who are now adults even realize how special they were to so many kids their own age? If they would only appreciate how much they impacted young viewers, maybe that would help them and they might not be so troubled as adults.

Nevertheless, I'm glad you're my friend on Facebook and I'm glad you're still around.

The Best to You and Your Family in All Your Endeavors...

God Bless, Cheryl