Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What an amazing day!!   This coming Tuesday I will be flying off to Winston Salem, NC to be a guest Celebrity at The Western Film Fair.  While appearing there I will be doing a show there where I will be singing.

I needed a music CD for a show that I could put on.  I got the yellowpages out and there were so many recording studios it was hard to choose...   Until.....  I saw the word  "Sound Advice".   For some reason I was drawn to calling them.

When I called I spoke to a wonderful man by the name of Scott Flynn.  I told him what it was that I needed and expressed my urgency that I needed it now...   Why?  Because I needed all of the songs in my key and in a show order to practice practice practice for a perfect show and honestly time was running out.. 

He said no problem we will take care of you.. Come tomorrow the 13th at 1pm and work with his daughter Jennifer. 

When I got there he met me at the front door.  I brought all of my music only CD's..  He invited me in and we started going through the motions of uploading, changing keys and also teaching me how all of this was done..

Then Jennifer showed up and he introduced me to her and told me that she would now take over, all awhile he was over seeing the entire project..   Jennifer immediately put me in Awwwwwww...  She is so talented at what she does as it relates to knowing what to do and how to make things work for you!  She makes you feel at ease and is so professional plus adds alittle humor in case your stressed (which I was).  She blew through my 10 songs like it was a walk in the park.

Then Scott's older daughter ( a music major ) showed up... Her name is Bethany.  She played a key role in creating the perfect show!  My show ended up being the best (9) songs instead of 10.  And its just perfect!!! She arranged each song according to type, speed and delivery.  I was so impressed at the level of professionalism and knowledge in expertise of music that she had and if I were Scott I would be very proud of my daughters and the legacy of music that he has passed down to them!!

During this whole day of mixing music I was honored to hear story's of Scott's upbringing and the things that he used to do..  I kept telling him that he should have his own personal website telling his story..  Well.. maybe in the future I hope.. One never knows...

Scott played some tracks of him playing the guitar and it was absolutely beautiful.  He is unbelievable folks in more ways than just me telling here..

If you want the best to take your tracks and mix them down into a perfect package of distributable CD's... Please by all means, choose his company!!!  And don't forget to mention that you read it here to come to him!!!

Thank you with all of my heart Scott, Bethany and Jennifer Flynn.  YOU all were an honor to work with and would again, anytime!! 
All my love to you! Tammy Locke

Without further adoo... Here is his business card!!  Make sure you mention where you found out about him!!!!   xoxoxox Love you all