Hi Everyone,
This is the page I've decided to dedicate to the people that I come across in my life that are above and beyond the call of just being nice..




Wow!  What a night!  I was visiting a very good friend of mine James, he works security there at the 2nd Avenue Bar and Saloon in Upland and listening to this great Rockin DJ Hector when I noticed my phone was on ZERO power. Hector so kindly said he would charge it me.. I told him that no lady should be without her phone in case of an emergency..  I love you Hector!  Thanks so much!!


Thank you to the ladies at EmbroidMe who helped me design a Leather Pilot's Cap and make it a very special gift for a dear friend of mine. He will always be very special for taping my interview and Buck Taylor's interview.  I love you David!!


I give highest praise to Joseph Gonzales Website Builder who built me my new website in a matter of a few days. Folks! If you want a great web master trust me when I say you want Joe!!!  JosephGonzales00@gmail.com 

What a wonderful man that I encountered today. I needed some very important legal advice. I googled Civil Lawyers and I chose a name out of the list that populated. I wrote an email to him entailing the situation. And he called me!!!  He listened to more of what was going on and then he sent me an email clarifying if I didn't understand anything, along with helpful hints.  His name is Robert Montanez. I would recommend him anytime!! Folks!!  He went over and above in helping me!!! Here is his info: Robert Montanez Law 127 Radio Rd., Suite 2  Corona, CA 92879 P: 951.545.4210  F: 951.346.3862
Thank you Robert with all of my heart!!!!!

My sweet new friend James Gerg helped and showed me all the avenues to obtain a patent for all of my inventions.. I'm so excited!!  Thank you James you are a sweetheart!!  And boy!!  You should see all of his patents!  Wow!!!!

05-07-2012....I am truly blessed! Got to Hollywood studios for a one day shoot. Parking was terrible and very governed. I saw this officer in her car, got out and introduced myself. Created a wonderful rapport with her and we ended up laughing about everything. She is so pretty and nice!! Her name is Robin Gregory, Traffic Enforcement Officer. She told me to really read the signs. I then left to search for a parking spot. I drove up and down alot of streets and happened to then turn down this one street just behind the hollywood movie studios.  I was there to be an extra on the Disney show "Kickin It" and the part to play was Lois.  As I'm driving down that street I saw Robin again and she was waiving her arms flagging me down. She found and saved me a spot!!! As I pulled up she was saying that she was telling her mother all about me and was hoping that I would turn down that street..   Thank you Jesus for guiding me to my new friend and thank you Robin, I love you!!! You r so sweet to do that!

1-8-2012...  Today Tom and I want to give thanks, kisses and hugs to a great lady by the name of Eileen Grimes (pictured below: . She wears many hats such as Astrologer, Freelance Writer and is in Sales as well.  She contacted me the other day and here's what she said:  Eileen Grimes
Dear Tammy - I want to do something for you, namely look at your astrological chart to get some information that might be useful that could assist you in your finding a job. I have found astrology to be extraordinarily accurate in pinpointing directions we can take to really get the most out of our own lives.  Here are her websites are:  Eileen Grimes and you can find her on AOL and Facebook too!!  I reccomend you going to her website and have her do your chart too.. It sure has made a huge difference in how I see life now and I know it will yours too!!!  
Thank you again Eileen, Love ya'll, Tammy

11-20-2011.....Today we met a wonderful man at the grocery store after getting home from the Las Vegas show.  He was promoting a wonderful line of cutting utencils.  I’ve seen these advertisements on TV and I was always skeptical, however, after watching what they do with my own eyes I know this is the REAL deal!  His name is Wayne Sloan and he is the Account Executive of TTT Inc. email him at Wayne Sloan    Ask him about his website!!!!!  It’s nice to know that even during these hard times right now that there are kind and considerate people out there. And after speaking in length with Wayne he just amazed me and I wish him success in all of his endeavors.

10-25-2011...  What a fantastic day!!!  I went to the set of Franklin and Bash today to film. I was originally casted to play Mob Boss Lucky Louie's Wife but ended up being blessed to play his "Mistress" :-)  hehe.  What great people there!!  The Director, Mr. Jason Ensler (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0258128/)    was such a hoot!!  He was cracking jokes and creating a master piece at the same time!!!  If I should EVER become a star again I would be Honored to be directed by him!!!  Jason, I love you!!!!   The man whom played Mob Boss Lucky Louie was played by Mr. Jon Polito ( http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0689237/ )  Jon is a fantastic actor!!  He was so funny and he loved to play back and worth about me being his Mistress..  Very nice man!!!      Other fantastic people that took a place in my heart were PA Cameron, and wardrobes Heidi and fellow Extra's German born Bernard, and England born Ross Michael Johnson..  You all were so great!!!

Thank you to J Harold Watson for donating money to fund trips!!   #1: Parsippany, NJ to spend the day with Ann-Margret in 2009 #2: 100th Celebration of Roy Rogers Birthday in 2011!! 

I want to Thank my good friends and family from my Monroes days
Keith and Kevin Schultz for taking beautiful photo's. I am so pleased with how it they out!!  I love you Keith and Kevin!

PLEASE share your own great stories about my series
"The Monroes" and I will share it with the world" under
"Memories of The Monroes" tab.

Thank you to Mr. Bob Hill, a very long time friend of my family for taking my recent 2010 Headshot photo. Great job Bob and thanks from the bottom of my heart.. Love you lots Tammy

Prakash - with Maryam Limosines- He was Awesome!!

Maria V-with Kohl's of Ontario, Ca- She is one of the greatest salesladies!

Joey from GoDaddy.com  You are awesome!!  Thanks for your help :-)

Jed M. from Hewlett Packard Department Care Center in North America.. Thank you for all of your help with my new photo printer!!!  Love it!!

Darren Kaye - Angeles National Forest Ranger. 2-21-2010  Darren was so awesome in helping us understand the guidelines for when you go up to the snow. Polite, considerate and very professional.. Photo below (DSCF1366). Thanks Darren!  See photo below!!

Michael Spears and Steven Chovan of Omnitrans Bus Lines were great to my son Robby and I on our first trip using the bus for transportation... We enjoyed it and they made it easier to enjoy!!  Thank you Michael and Steven!   Steven says to check out his professional 12 year old race car driver son at http://www.nevadachovan.com   He says come and see him race!!!

Ronda Ronda!!  The greatest service you could ever get at The Montclair Mall at JC Penney in the 8-20 Boys Department!!!!  Customer Service at its best folks!!!   If your there do yourself a favor and look her up!!  Hugs to you Ronda!!!

April 15th, 2011

What a charming young man not to mention a wealth of knowledge about so many things.. Here I wandered into the 24 hour fitness just to check out prices and ended up learning so much more, including more about showbiz!..  Thank you Scott Lannom you truly are a breathe of fresh air!!

Mary Lou Mary Lou.. Wow, Tom, Rob and I went to my favorite restaurant today called Mi Ranchito in Upland, Ca for Mother's Day. While sitting there this family came in and sat next to us.. The mother (Mary Lou) their with her daughter and I believe grand kids was full of life and a zest for entertaining.  She sang us songs and told us stories of her life. You are great Mary Lou.. Happy Mother's Day 2011!.

May 12, 2011

Wow! By the Lord's luck, I was able to find one of the BEST Doctor's in the entire world!!!  If you need a ENT (Ears, Nose, Throat) Doctor and you live in or near the Inland Empire, Ca you want to see this doctor!!  He is fantastic!!  Thank you sooooo much Dr. Robert Habbestad, M.D. 9645 Monte Vista Ave Ste 301. Montclair, Ca 91763 (909) 621-7321.... What a wonderful nature you have and more!!!! I love you, Tammy Locke Former Child Star in Movies and TV xoxox.

Wikipedia Internet Online Encyclopedia:

How do you thank someone that you've NEVER met... You don't know if they are woman or man????   All you know is that they are an incredible writer with Wikipedia!!!  For the past couple of weeks this person (Demiurge1000) has worked hand in hand through emails only to create a great biography on me with the world's biggest enclyclopedia internet website.  I'm so impressed with them... YOU have no idea...

Today June 21, 2011 Wikipedia will showcase me on their main Wikipedia page.  It will last for 6 whole hours throughout the whole world!!  My hats off to you my friend!!   *** THANK YOU!!! **** Click on this URL to see Demiurge1000 and see the articles they write with Wikipedia!!!  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Demiurge1000